ARK7 Arquitetos is new member AsBEA/SC

Created from the union of MarchettiBonetti + Architects with Jobim Carlevaro Rotolo Architects, in June 2014, the ARK7 Associates, Florianópolis, is adding values of both around the projects development committed to efficiency in buildings on any scale to the drawing urban.

"The history of the two offices, which accumulate awards of architecture and international experience allowed the creation of an efficient team and the development of projects in Information Modeling for Construction (BIM)," explains architect Giovani Bonetti.

For ARK7, participate in AsBEA/SC is part of a committed entity with architecture and urbanism in the various professional activity areas. "We believe in this participation as a profession development vector and we hope to have an entity with a global and comprehensive view of the relevant thematic segment to creating programs, actions and projects for the profession advancement ", considered the architect Marcos Jobim.

The company, which also has the architects Adriano Kremer, Leandro Rotolo, Silvana Carlevaro Jobim and Tais Marchetti Bonetti, believes that architecture is a profession of precision and excellence with high demand for efficiency and that the entity, to represent the architectural offices has the opportunity to reveal these values to society.

February 26, 2015